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Slow travel is about making conscious choices. It is about deceleration rather than speed. The journey becomes a moment to relax, rather than a stressful interlude imposed between home and destination. Slow travel re-engineers time, transforming it into a commodity of abundance rather than scarcity. And slow travel also reshapes our relationship with places, encouraging and allowing us to engage more intimately with the communities through which we travel.

Slow travel is not about money or privilege. Slow travel is a state of mind. It is about having the courage not to go the way of the crowd. Popular wisdom may suggest that a first visit to Italy must necessarily include Venice, Florence and other ‘must-see’ spots. But in fact there are no ‘must-see’ destinations.

E tourism on the other hand is a dramatically developing trend.

This project ‘s aim is to enable all of us who are involved in Tourism & Travel to comprehend this dynamic evolution. We will present to you through this platform and the access to 2 online MOOC’s,the know how of better present your business, enhance your profile and create a synergy in this fast changing sector.

We will allow you to exchange on your practices and to further strengthen in the Tourism of Tomorrow.

Who are interested in this project:

Professionals of accommodation offering responsible hospitality on a close to locals and nature Tour agencies & operators offering trips closer to the local communities through a sustainable way Experienced travelers in Slow Tourism Universities offering trainings related to Slow Tourism Innovative committees offering products & services to implement Slow Tourism

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