Liveblogging: South Park 'Guitar Queer-o'

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Kyle: That Heroin Hero dragon is SO CUTE! Tonight, we'll be stay running a blog a bit of gaming tradition -- the fusion of Guitar Hero with Comedy Central's South Park. Dan: Bowling alleys have Guitar Hero as well, apparently. Kyle: Well, that part's pretty simple on any mode, but "John The Fisherman" will get powerful later. Kyle: What number of games can one show promote without delay? That is been one of the best one up to now. Kyle : These are undoubtedly Xploders. Kyle: Uh oh, the agent is luring Kyle away. Kyle: There are the orange notes, and he is not even looking on the display. Dan: They're wired controllers. Dan: He stopped him! Dan: Cartman cannot shut up! Dan: Jack Thompson's gonna have a area day! Kyle: Bowling alleys have Guitar Hero too! Kyle: He ODed on Heroin Hero? Kyle: Don't give up, Stan! Kyle: That "I Stop" song brings up shades of "That Thing You Do" for me, however I am a super nerd. Kyle: "I Wanna Be Sedated" is a reasonably weak music.