Aggie can make an orange skin paste out of it

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Be attentive to all royal guests at the OSRS GP celebration. It is likely to be seen that King Vallance of Asgarnia, looking sick. You will find the Black Knight Assasin entering the kitchen through the window. Check the fish nearby and find it poisoned. Instead of throwing it away, Savant can use her magic to save it. It will be given to King Vallance and he'll go unconscious. It's not dead, but it is unconscious. King Vallance was paralyzed by altered poison in the fish. The Temple Knights have an excuse for taking him away to try and remove the slug.

In the Temple Knight Base, ask Commander Callon if you can have a look at King Vallance to look for an option to get rid of the slug. He will say that thanks to the sluglings and the Karamthalu you brought them, they now believe that they've got a way to splice the slug with the King. A cutscene will follow where the King recovers, and you attempt to inquire about any of the memories of the slug. He tells of fantasies of a cave that lies at sea. He will tell Savant the location of the cave.

Head to the port in Ardougne, and speak to the guy standing in front of the tiny sailboat to reach the cave. The man is actually an Temple Knight. The codeword for him is "Dancing to stuff pl0x". He will lead you to a small rock in the sea that is soaking wet. Head west, and there is a hole. The maze is which is similar to Kennith's Concerns quest. Once you're done the maze, you'll discover that you are not able to go in the lair, and your character will suggest going to Aggie in Draynor Village.

Talk with Aggie in Draynor about the slugs, and how you can make it look like you have blonde hair and white skin. To change your hair go to the Falador Hairdresser. Aggie will make a paste from flour with water, ashes, and a rare young fish. To catch to Jeunefish you must return to the spot where the slug lair is, and use an extremely powerful fishing explosive at the spot where you fish to get a dead jeunefish.

Aggie can make an orange skin paste out of buy 2007 runescape gold/ it. Every time you visit the slug's cave, you will need another one. You will need five rubium ore to go back to the lair. If the space is damp, you can warm it up using some rubium ore. Apply some rubiums to the several pools in the room, and slug possessed people will faint. Transfer to the next room and Mother Mallum and Mayor Hobbes are frightened because they are aware that there's an intruder. They exit the room. To eliminate them, you'll need to dry-heat the room. However, first you have to eliminate the water. Do not bother now, or the room will resoak.