Integrative Assignment Module III

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Final integrative assignment.
Tourists and travelers are in many ways different. Tourist is the one who is more into people, emotions and social relations. He’s the one who wants to set up a connection among locals and this would give him reasons to return to that place in another time. A traveler, however, is the one who is much more into himself and his mindfulness. Is someone who most likely travels all around the world in a task to find himself all alone. Therefore the innovations in tourism must have these characteristics in consideration when approaching these two kind of people.
Here, the digital devices have a crucial importance on the process, because it helps the visitors making decisions and setting priorities during their holiday, according to their needs. The importance of making a good platform, with as much options the client can choose according to his preferences, is halfway done to a successful vacation. This, as part of the new forms of tourism and innovation, is connected to a personal experience that would have a feedback of the client after the vacations are over. So it’s importante to advice the clients to expose their opinions in online platforms or apps, so other people can see it. Therefore it’s easier to make a bond between loyal clients and new clients.
In tourism we can consider two different edges that mark a difference during the stay. The traditional tourism, where the clients are usually retired and come to Madeira to spend a good time and relax, is the main percentage of visitors we regist here every year, according to statistics. Then, the modern tourism, as we can call it, is based on a group of younger people who prefer more adventurous activities and, for example, sports. But here we can also take advantage of what nature has to give and it works for both ways; to relax and to enjoy extreme sports.
Many tourists that are retired and have visited Madeira Island for many years are loyal to these traditions and locals. Many of them end up renting or even buying a place in the Island just to enjoy the nice whether and live calmly. The importance of making their experience while living here is very heavy to the next generation of tourists and travelers. Since technology is marking this century as a consistent evolution system of networks, it’s important to build tourism at the same level. Given the example of digital platforms and apps, there are also other devices one can try to better out the experience. As we all know, small cars and motorcycles are used to transport tourists into tours, by small streets where cars can’t go by. But if the tourists could go there by an environmentally friendly bicycle that produces energy while they ride would be better. This is an innovation that may get more urgent throughout the years due to climate change. Here, we would be combining important things: efficiency, practicality and ecologically friendly.
Since we have tourists travelling all around the world we must make them feel like their at home whenever they’re at a foreign country. Speaking of Europe, for example, there are many smart cities around that have developed new forms of tourism and innovation in the business. To make a tourist feel at home, one must understand the diversity they are used to but never forget the authenticity of the place their visiting. This way the goal stands for keeping loyal clients and enrich their experience.